In our child-themes there are hooks to show adverts. These are linked like this:

group 1 -> on top of header (header.php)
group 2 -> on top of sidebar (sidebar.php)
group 3 -> below sidebar (sidebar.php)
group 4 -> Below post(s), and page (single + page + archive and all templates based on either of them)
group 5 -> Below footer (footer.php)

So, create or rename your groups so that you easily understand where each group goes. You can change the group id:s in the child-theme templates if you wish, but if you use your groups according to above list, it should not be needed.

If you don’t want to use ad’s you can just deactivate (or skip installing) adrotate-ngo. The theme-files will work nicely anyway.

Adrotate don’t use hooks on the functions we need to tweak, so this is a stripped down version of Adrotate that enables us to show the portal-site ads on the sub-sites (NGO-sites). This plugin requires that Adrotate is installed and activated on the portal but you must NOT activate Adrotate on the NGO-sites. There you activate this plugin. That is easiest done using Multisite Plugin Manager.

If you buy Adrotate with WPMU support, you can accomplish this without this plugin, but then you need to tweak the tags in the template files a bit. See documentation on Adrotate.